We use only the best material to make sure you get the best possible protection. Creating the ultimate waterbed like surface.

Custom Made

Our primary goal is to design a product that is exactly what you need. We give high attention to detail and take pride in each custom-made cover.

Great Prices

Protection comes at a price, but we believe that price should be an affordable one. Starting from R5900 for a 5m x 3m size pool.


Pool Covers Pretoria manufacturer of safety pool covers. Pool covers are the most secure and cost effective way to keep your pool safe and secure, while saving you money on maintenance costs.

The swimming pool covers are made of sturdy materials that will prevent anyone from falling into the water, provided they are attached and installed properly.

Pool Covers Pretoria make the pool cover to your specific needs. Creating the ultimate waterbed like surface that children can walk over without directly touching the water – giving you peace of mind.

We are committed to adding value to its service through a strong service ethos and by being reliable, professional and honest.




Cumbersome swimming pool covers like the old eyelet and hook cover only work when you use them. Our Solid pool covers are very user friendly, it operates much easier than any other cover on the market providing all the benefits with very little effort.


•  Isolates the water
•  Can be opened and closed quickly
•  Supports the weight of several adults
•  Easy to see that the cover is closed, an unlatched gate may not be noticed
•  Pool covers only work when you use them, our covers are easy to use.

Greener option

•  Cuts down electricity consumption
•  Reduces chemical consumption
•  Saves water

Our swimming pool covers

•  Inhibits algae growth
•  Keeps dust and debris out
•  Significantly reduces contamination

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